Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD

Thousands of free Windows Phone wallpapers


  • Large selection of images
  • Rate and share wallpapers
  • Lots of categories


  • No image search


Wallpapers HD is a collection of thousands of free background images to decorate your Windows phone.

You can browse through the images in Wallpapers HD in a number of ways. You can flick through thumbnails of the images at random, sort by date added, or organize by popularity. Alternatively, you can filter the wallpapers by category.

It would be nice if there were a few more ways to navigate pictures using Wallpapers HD. For instance, there's no image search, and no way to set the number of thumbnails per page. The app only displays four at a time, which means it can take a while to flick through them all.

There are some other features that improve the usefulness of Wallpapers HD. You can rate background wallpapers, and share them via email, Twitter, Facebook or SMS. You can download wallpapers that are suited to the dimensions of your phone.

Although the user interface could be improved, Wallpapers HD offers an impressive selection of free background images for your Windows phone.

Wallpapers HD


Wallpapers HD

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