Make web addresses easier to remember and use


  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used with a bookmarklet
  • Support for preview feature


  • URL aliases can only be used once

Very good

TinyURL is a handy online tool that shortens internet addresses to make them easier to remember and more convenient for emails, IM and social networks.

Using TinyURL couldn’t be easier. Simply copy and paste the web address you want to shorten in the text field and click the Make TinyURL! button. The generated URL is a combination of letters and numbers, but you can also pick an alias for it to make it more readable. These aliases are only available once, however, meaning you won’t be able to choose a word someone has used before.

The easiest way to use TinyURL is via their bookmarklet; a small Javascript code snippet that sits on your browser’s bookmark bar and shortens the URL of the website you’re currently visiting with a single click.

TinyURL also includes a special feature that lets you preview shortened URLs before actually visiting the website they point to – which is handy if you don’t entirely trust the source of those links.

Say goodbye to never-ending web addresses with TinyURL .


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User reviews about TinyURL

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    find downloads easier.
    why is it so hard to find download link should be able to go to website and click downloa...   More

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