Pong Remix

Pong Remix 1.1.0

Classic game Pong remixed in 3D!


  • Looks slick
  • Nice variety of difficulty levels
  • Play against computer or real opponent


  • Limited playability


Pong Remix is a version of computer game classic Pong, remixed for Mac - and in 3D!

Pong is such a classic, in fact, that it's pretty much an icon of a whole way of life. That said, it's still very playable, and Pong Remix makes a good timewaster. The game can be played in 2 modes - against the computer or another player. You can toggle the paddle size and speed, as well as the ball speed, which allows you to change difficulty as if Pong Remix offered different levels.

What makes Pong Remix a bit interesting is that you can play in 2D and 3D. This puts a totally new, modern spin on the game and definitely takes it up a notch from the original. Pong Remix also has music and sounds you can turn on or off under the settings.

Pong Remix is a slick new take on a computing classic.

Instructions tab added Minor bug fixes


  • Instructions tab added Minor bug fixes
Pong Remix


Pong Remix 1.1.0

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