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Windows Notepad is useful for jotting down short notes, but it's certainly quite limited in functions. So what about using another notepad to replace it?

MiniPad2 can be an excellent replacement for the standard notepad – and a complementing app too. It includes many extra tools that the Windows tool can only dream of, such as a tabbed interface, special calculator pages to perform basic maths calculations, support for memos, extended Clipboard functionality and a completely customizable interface where you can change font, background color and also select the buttons that are to be displayed on the program's toolbar.

MiniPad2 doesn't require installation, which means it doesn't write anything in Windows Registry either. It's also very light on system resources. MiniPad2's status is saved as is (with all your opened tabs and notes) and displayed again when you run the program later on, something that comes in very handy when saving notes between sessions.

If you're looking for a cheap, fast, simple and fully features Notepad replacement, MiniPad2 is an excellent choice. MiniPad2 requires no installation and many interesting extra tools are included!

minipad2 is a tiny, multi-page style Windows program which integrates all the useful functions including text editor, calculator, reminder, dictionary, text template & clipboard-enhancement . All the contents saved in a single text file. It automatically restores the last state when re-opened. It can be set as start with Windows and minimize to the system tray with very few memory take-up.

minipad2 is a single-exe green software. It can be directly used when unzipped to a random directory without installation. It adds no key to the system registry, except for the "Run" key when set as start with Windows.



MiniPad2 Build 101128 3.2.0

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