KCapture 3.0.1

Capture audio and video from external sources


  • Simple to record audio and video
  • Supports H.264 video


  • Video recording didn't work properly
  • Some configuration options complex

Not bad

Take a look and you'll find that it's really hard to find a simple, free audio or video recorder for Mac. Most of them, you have to pay for and KCapture is no exception.

KCapture is designed for those that need to catch both audio and video which is unusual because most packages only allow you to capture one or the other. In this trial version, you only have 9 attempts at using it but at least there's no limit imposed on how much you can record like some demos do. KCapture is designed to create AAC audio files that are optimized for continuous quality rather than high bit rates.

Alternatively, KCapture can use your iSight or an external FireWire camera to capture video footage and the share "video postcards" with others. You can add voiceovers and for real high quality, it allows you to create H.264 video. At first glance, KCapture seems extremely simple - just click on either audio or video and click on stop and start to record. However, if you delve under the surface, KCapture has quite a few complex options and features that will be beyond the understanding of many general users. There are however options to add 18 different sound effects and change your input device.

While I found the recording of audio worked well with excellent reproduction quality, video recording didn't work at all. You're offered the chance to replay your results in Quicktime as soon as you're finished and all I got was a noisy buzzing sound and no image at all.

KCapture is a nice idea although as an audio capture tool, it's nowhere near as good as something like Audio Hijack and the video recording elements seem problematic.



KCapture 3.0.1

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