Google is the world's number one search engine, with an iconic minimal homepage that totally focused on search.

Google Search is now 'Instant', and results start appearing as you type. In the top-right of the page you can change your preferences. Here you can choose your preferred language, filter explicit content and more. Google Search's settings are clear and easy to understand.

Searches can be performed specifically for images, video, shopping and more. The image search is excellent, and Google Search now features endless pages, that load more results as you scroll down. Bing does a better video search.

If you have a Google account, Google Search will tailor your search results according to your browsing and search history. While you are signed in, you history is saved by Google, unless you turn this off in your settings.

Google is the number one search engine for a reason - it really does'tn have more results than the competition, the minimal design makes it easy to read, and users feel they can find anything there.

Google Search is the most open, flexible and efficient search engine around, and its constant innovation make it very likely to stay there.

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