Tools to manage your own call centre

Tools to manage your own call centre

Call centre logoIf you run a business where you need to have a group of agents on call for customer enquiries, then you’ll need some way to organise and manage the calls. Advanced Personal Contact Manager is a call management system for small centres or help lines that aims to improve customer service. It allows you to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing calls, emails and any other contact with customers. The interface is very simple to use and most importantly, recalls in a click customer data, the priority of the call, the call status etc.

However, the problem with this program is that it can’t actually take or re-distribute calls. For this, you’d be better to use Express Talk. Express Talk can maintain up to six simultaneous conversations, reduces background noise and can be configured to circumvent firewalls, record conference calls in MP3 format, identify incoming calls and store numbers etc. You can also use it to put calls on hold although this requires upgrading to the business version which also allows you to transfer calls. Although neither of these tools are suitable for a large scale project, for small businesses they’re ideal.

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