SimCity offline mode finally ready

SimCity offline mode finally ready

A year after its painful release, SimCity is finally getting what everyone asked for: Offline Mode. Announced in January, it’s being rolled out now, and the game’s servers will be offline while it is implemented.

SimCity update 10 brings offline mode alongside new auto-save options and general performance optimizations, and the integration of Origin friend search.

Offline mode means games can be saved on your computer, instead of in the cloud, and you can play single player games. Games will still be multi-city; the other common request, for unlimited city size has not been granted. You will of course need to be online to download Update 10, but once it has installed, you can put Origin in offline mode and play SimCity without any connection.

The online mode is still available, and is much better today than it was after launch. A year ago, the game launched with lots oof bugs, plenty of cynicism about the necessity of online play, and servers which couldn’t take the stress of everyone trying to play. It’s saving grace for publisher EA was only really that Battlefield 4, later in the year, managed to have an even worse launch.


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