Play the next game from Papers Please developer Lucas Pope

Play the next game from Papers Please developer Lucas Pope

Papers Please was one of 2013s most interesting indie games, showing gamers how they might feel being an immigration officer. Now,developer Lucas Pope has released an early playable demo of his next game, Return of Obra Din.

It’s a first person adventure/mystery set on the Obra Din, a merchant ship which had been lost for six years. Appearing in a port, damaged and with no crew, you board the ship to find out what happened.

The demo is a very early version, but gives you a good idea of the atmosphere and style that the complete game will have. There’s something eerie about Return of Obra Din, while the minimal dot-matrix 3D graphics give it a kind of retro feel.

Papers Please was powerful mainly because of how it made you feel, and it will be interesting to see if Return of Obra Din can also make you think in same way.

Download the demo here, for Windows and Mac OS X.

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