Clean up your YouTube interface with Adblock Plus

Clean up your YouTube interface with Adblock Plus

Following the fury that erupted when YouTube imposed its new comment system on users, Adblock Plus is poised to counterattack: the plugin now allows you to clean up Google’s YouTube interface.

Everyone’s heard the phrase ‘Google ecosystem’, and while the integration may not be ideal for some users, it does sum up well the whole range of products and services that Big G has aggregated and combined over the years.

Some of latest buzz was surrounding the YouTube comment system and the ability to comment on videos only when signed in with a Google+ profile, a flawless example of product integration. Google claims that the reason behind this move is to combat the trolling, offensive, violent and generally inappropriate comments that sometimes occur in an anonymous commenting system.

Many users have taken this news as an act of force on Google’s part. As a result, the developers behind Adblock Plus, a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and most recently Safari, have sprung into action, updating its add-on so that numerous ‘disturbing’ elements, including the now controversial comments field, can be removed from the YouTube interface.

Watch the video below to see how to install Adblock Plus, and check out results.

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